God's Bread Box

We help feed families in need one box at a time


Your Support Means Everything To Us

We would like to thank all of you so very much for your support this past year.  We are grateful for every effort and every dollar.  Your generosity and thoughtful gestures have contributed to a successful year.   God’s Bread Box would not exist to help those in need without you.

Wow!  We have been chosen as Lemoore’s Organization of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce!  This recognition will increase our awareness in the community and possibly increase our client base, our financial base, and our volunteerism.  This is an incredible honor and we are very proud to receive it.

As for our year, the number of families requesting help has decreased a little bit again.  We hope it was because they found jobs or moved out of the area, but some may be illegal immigrants who are simply afraid to sign up for food. This decrease has put us in the position of being able to reach out to more families.  We are now open to those in the Stratford area.  Even with the decrease, we were able to help over 200 needy families each month.

During the summer our website was breeched and it was necessary to create a new one.  It now has more information than before and actual pictures taken during our distributions.  Check it out!  God’s Bread Box.org

Also, this summer we were finally able to make the proper connection with the Naval Air Station for volunteers.  They are strong and energetic, and a joy to be around.  Our work is much lighter because of them.

We hope you will continue to support us in the coming year.  Our distribution is the fourth Saturday of each month at Christ Church Anglican Mission, 740 North 19th Avenue.  We invite you to drive by and check out the work we are doing, or stop and volunteer.

Nancy Stebbins, CEO
Carthy Siegel, Vice president
Alice Ferrell, Secretary

Debbie Sheely, Treasurer
John Chalabian
Ann Longmire

Benton Scott
Betty Teeters

No matter how great or how small, every gift we received was accepted as a gift from your heart. Thank you all from the bottom of ours. A special thanks to those who have contributed $250 or more.

Larry Ayers

Steve and Wanda Barlow

Best Buy Market

Dolores Brown

Gary V. Burrows, Inc.

Burrows and Castadio, Inc.

Frank and Bonnie Butterway

Christ Church Anglican Mission

Christ Church Anglican Mission Women

Randy and Robyn DeHart

Carol Dias

Alan and Sara Escola

First United Methodist Church

Jim and Sharon Gordon

Hanford Rotary Community Foundation

Fred Harrell, State Farm Insurance

Tom and Louise Hernandez

Bonnie Holsonbake

Jan and Jenny Kahn

Leprino Foods

Leprino Foods Employees, East

Jeff and Jeanette Levinson

Jim and Linda Marvin

Karen McKee

Danny and Darlene Newton

Les and Pat Parry

M. Green and Company, LLP

Phipps Dale Funeral Chapel

Dick and Darlene Polder

Melvin Pereira

Phipps Dale Funeral Chapel

Dick and Darlene Polder

Bob and Irene Rankin

Dick and Dot Salberg

Scarlet O’Hatters

Ted and Deborah Sheely

Cathy Siegel

South Fork Ranch

Stebbins Media

St. James Lutheran Church

Doug and Nancy Stebbins

Jon and Cindy Timson

Yvonne Wester

WELCA St. James Lutheran Church